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Did i mention something about,. DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING?
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Local State Federal, Government corruption, Blatant unaccountability, hijackers HijACKiNg, iMpOsteRs iMpOSteRiNG, anTiCisT ANtiCizing
Citizens rights vs Imposter Hijacker, Dually, dual citizen, secret societied, HALLway diS-tRiCK-ED, heller, heLLeriSh, HALLEr, aiNT weLLcome
Governments, goOf carnivalettes, wigs tits aprons and heels, squeals, like a, this little piggy had none, ALL the way home, hello, HELLO?
bro, tit wearing foe, f@Cr diCd, asS-ED, backWARDS, hoLLYwoODian, f@ClereTte, Impeaching government, ARRESTING hallway sKiTting CCE-iST
Removing government - Removing bLuBBerment - rehoOfing hoverment - float yourself.. away... some w h e re.. over the,. sHiT pot
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Local state federal government corruption. Blatant unaccountability. Citizens rights. Impeaching government. Removing government
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